My first encounter with Diane was through a Reiki Gathering. She honored me by guiding me through a meditation, helping me to tap back into a past life experience that was causing a great deal of physical pain and discomfort and with the help of the Archangels- healed this wound. A trauma that had physically manifested in my stomach for most of my life was gone. And the pain of the initial and age old trauma gently worked its way out of my system as I had a newfound sense of self-compassion and grace. Working with Diane following this experience has continued to be profoundly transformative, empowering, authentic, and grounded. I trust her work, her guidance through other realms, and her intentions for the wisdom and guidance she offers. This work has supported massive shifts in my life resulting in emotionally safer housing situations, healthier relationships, and a deeply more empowered sense of self. I am grateful and honored to know this kind and steady soul and be supported by her profound work.

Louise, Asheville NC


My one session with Diane revealed to me a powerful source of support that I'm connected to in the spirit realm.  What came through in our session continues to feed my sense of strength, clarity and being supported in my soul medicine path.

Paul B, Asheville, NC

The session with Diane was very special and healing.  Diane was very generous with the time and attention she gave and was never in a rush.  Before the regression, we had an in-depth conversion about personal histories and spiritual interests and she really got the essence of my story and trauma and shared helpful insights and personal stories.  Opening up to Diane was easy as she is a safe and compassionate person, and an air of intimate and relaxed compassion quickly was established.  The regression was comfortable, relaxing, and filled with strong and skillful healing intention, awareness, and technique.  During the regression, which happened to never go beyond my childhood, though this didn’t bother me, I discovered a lovely and playful spirit guide that I’ve continued to work with since, healed difficult memories with creative and meaningful visualizations, and had important experiences working on soul retrieval.  Diane is very good at gently getting to core issues that need healing and isn’t afraid of what comes up.  I also have been struggling with energetic blockages and opening flow of life force which sometimes leads to frustrating and intense pressure in my head that I can obsess over and try to control and which leads to a miserable mood.  After the session, my central channel and knots in it had made progress opening up more with increased downward flowing grounding energy.  The session gently and effectively stimulated heart, mind, and soul openings.  It helped to loosen a deep stuckness for me that has continued to clear in an accelerated way since the session.

Jay Miller, Asheville, NC


Working with Diane has been such a profound experience.  She was able to help me identify areas to focus on in the regression and her insights were both intuitive and full of wisdom.  Because of her warm and compassionate nature, I felt at ease and comfortable discussing deep issues.  The regression work we did was so deep that I feel like I could never find the words to express the change in me.  My responses to and from the people I have regular contact with have improved and I find myself with more presence and ease.  I am so grateful for her guidance and healing.
Alesia, Asheville, NC


Diane is a true intuitive and scholar in the realm of self inquiry and past life regression - and is a deeply supportive practitioner.  I've had a number of sessions with Diane and each one felt as if a layer of an onion was being shed.  She holds a gentle space for her clients that aids in self-discovery, and has perfected the balance between asking questions and giving freedom and space for the unfolding.  I highly recommend her work! 

Rob, Portsmouth NH


My experience with Diane was Magical! She really prepares you to be relaxed and feel surrounded with great energy, from the cozy bed with a blanket to all of the beautiful crystals that surround you. I went on a healing journey that I have never experienced before, bringing me into other dimensions! Her voice is soothing and healing, really giving you the protection you need to open up to the healing energy of spirit. She leaves you with many suggestions to encourage you to continue your healing journey. I know that I want to go on the spiritual journey with Diane again! I encourage anyone to have this amazing experience! 
Blessed be,


Working with Diane was a very deep experience which touched on deeper parts of my journey.....the work is profound as its primary intent is to bring your truth to the surface so that full self love....self respect and inner power can be restored....
What else could one ask for.......thank you Diane for your profound gifts.


I was having some physical symptoms that I felt were probably connected to some emotional  issues.  After my session with Diane I feel like a weight was lifted from my chest and my heart is now open.  I feel that Diane was able to help me move some of this blocked energy and has helped me clear those emotional blocks so that I feel more at peace. I know I received a gift from Spirit through Diane.  She is supportive, compassionate and an understanding soul dedicated to assisting others without judgment.
Evelina McGuigan, September 12, 2016
Feasterville, PA


I've known and been working with Diane for some years now.  She's helped me grow in this short amount of time spiritually more than I previously could've imagined. Through various forms of healing, Diane has helped me remove many internal "road blocks" I've come across.  She has taught me so much about the art of manifestation, the importance of balance, and how to help and love others in need.  Every day I am affected positively by my experiences with Diane.  Her loving presence never fails to calm those around her, no matter their current state of being.  Depending on how you choose to see it, this is an amazing life we live and should be taken full advantage of every step of the way.  Diane has helped me recognize this on many occasions.  I have not only gained useful knowledge along the way, but a lifelong friend as well.

Corey Phillips, Music Producer / Audio Engineer
Tin Pan Digital
100 N Beverwyck Rd
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

In my search for self healing and enlightenment, I was guided to see Diane, as I have never experienced healing with a Shaman.  We decided a past life regression as something that would help me now.  Diane helped me create powerful intentions to focus on, in the present.  We began my journey of healing with a Divinely Guided past life regression.  She is very gentle, supportive and present, throughout the entire experience.  She made sure I felt comfortable and safe while she guided me back into the past lives that are influencing my present journey.  It was an amazing experience, and an important release for me.  I left with the tools I need to continue healing. 

Diane is an amazing intuitive.  She spent time with me, and did a follow up email recapping our entire session.  It was a 4 page recap.  I have had many healing experiences and several regressions.  This experience was the most memorable.  Her time, her gentle touch, and her attention to spirit is amazing.  I was so enlightened, I am now taking a 6 week course with Diane and some light worker friends.  I know I will be able to bring a better experience to my own clients, learning and sharing some new healing techniques.

Sandra DiDona Holistic LPN, Vibrational Sound Energy Practitioner


I found Diane through a friend.  I have been suffering from debilitating digestive disorders for a long time and the pharmaceutical industry did nothing to help me.  I decided to seek out other techniques of healing.  Diane is a very talented powerful Shaman. Her healing session was an incredible experience - I left her feeling peaceful and without pain. She is a beautiful beacon of light for anyone needing her assistance.  Her intuition is impeccable and doesn't fail her. I would recommend anyone who feels they need an alternative form of healing to set up an appointment with her- you will not be disappointed!  Thank you Diane for your help and patience with me and my health issues.  Thank you for your undivided attention and compassion.  You are my earth angel.

--K. Christie

Diane offers a soothing, comfortable and secure setting to approach life and appreciate it fully. I have always relied on a strong faith and belief spiritually, but when speaking with Diane, it grew exponentially. Patiently for about two hours, she guided me through a past life regression which felt exciting and amazing. I don’t have the words to properly express my deep gratitude for Diane’s time while using her gift to connect me with family who passed. I felt so emotional when I clearly visualized my loved ones and communicated with them.  I look forward to future opportunities for such a unique spiritual experience. Thank you and God bless you Diane!
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Testimony for a Past Life Regression session with Diane Hogan
My Past Life Regression experience with Diane Hogan was very beautiful and healing. Diane creates a peaceful and safe environment that starts you off feeling ready to face anything from the past that might be uncomfortable or even frightening. With great skill and clear instructions she gently guides you into key past life situations that effect your life at this present time. Her tremendous love and wisdom gives you the courage to go to the tough spots of your past with ease. Then by just asking the right questions Diane leads you even deeper into the memories of the past helping to dislodge those traumatic experiences that have been holding you back in the present. This brings healing to you on so many levels. I can only recommend a session with Diane as it supports you greatly on your path of living a life filled with love, joy, peace and abundance.
Brigitte Boyea
Light Bridge Center for Transformation


I must say that the past life session I had with Diane was certainly an amazing eye opening experience!  Her expertise in doing this work is truly first class and it showed.  She conducted my session with such gentleness & compassion which helped me to feel very comfortable especially during some highly emotional experiences that came up for me at different times.  The way she slowly and very carefully progressed me also made the experience so much more memorable and fulfilling than I ever thought it could have been.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to experience this kind of work.


Undergoing a past-life regression with Diane to guide my soul's journey allowed me to search deeper, responding to questions or prompts she gave along the way.  She helped search for the origins of conflicts I face in this current life and how being a walk-in affected my relationship with the material world.  Most fascinating along the way was that I not only delved into recent past lives, but I also saw where I was assisting humanity during times between incarnations.  I look forward to working with her again to reach into my past lives so I may find the empowerment I once had and bring it into this life to overcome my challenges.
- Vivian M.

Diane Hogan has provided insight, knowing and communications that have helped me connect spiritually to what is present around me and guiding my creativity.  It has cracked open a door for me that was previously closed and locked. 

~ Julie Richman, Author

I had a very long session with Diane that included a lot of discussion around spirituality and the various experiences I've had in the past. One of the main discussions was around releasing a relationship I had to sever that became toxic to my spirit. Diane was able to provide objective clarity which confirmed I did the right thing. Through time (a few years) I finally received the apology and self power from the person who hurt me so deeply. I was able to share the fruits of this manifestation with Diane as it unfolded and appreciate her support in my time of need. Additionally I received a very peaceful reiki session which provided a lot of peace and calmness. 
What was enjoyable to discuss, were the various healing modalities there are on this planet (and beyond) and how interesting it is to learn them on this journey. I find Diane to be very interesting as she has a lot to offer with these types of discussions.


The recent Reiki session with Diane was a totally relaxing and uplifting experience that brought me into a state of mental clarity and awareness. Diane's skill and dedication to her work allowed the healing Reiki energy to flow gently and provided a soothing respite for my mind, body and spirit. I can fully recommend her services.

Elizabeth (Whitehouse Station, NJ)

Thank you for taking the time to follow-up with me after our session, which were both awesome.  I still feel more relaxed and peaceful.  I appreciate your efforts to help me find inner peace.

Steve (Whitehouse Station, NJ)